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Authority:Friends of Pam Beidle, Leonard W. Beidle, treasurer.
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2018 Crossover Update


Hearings and Committee votes were held on over House 1800 bills, the highest bill count in history.  Now begins the final stretch of the 2018 Legislative Session, Crossover Day was Monday March 19th.  The bills that crossed over, will be debated by the opposite chamber, and, if it passed without any amendments, will go on to the Governor for signing. If they pass with different amendments they go to Conference Committee.

You can follow the progress of any bills currently in either chamber here.

My Bills that Have Crossed Over to the Senate:

HB 130, Video Lottery Terminal Proceeds - Local Impact Grants - Distribution to Communities Near Laurel Race Course, continues the $500,000 distribution of local impact grants from video lottery terminals (VLTs) to help pay for facilities and services in communities within three miles of the Laurel Race Course.  It has passed the House (134-0) and is currently assigned to the Budget and Taxation Committee in the Senate.  Senate bill 32, passed the Senate and is in the House Ways and Means Committee.

HB 309, Anne Arundel County - Practice of Massage – Regulation, authorizes Anne Arundel County to adopt ordinances and regulations regarding the practice of massage within the county.  It was supported by the entire Delegation and passed the House 131-0.  It is now assigned to the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee in the Senate.

HB 494, the Safe Neighborhoods Act, reduces the notice period from 14 days to 7 days before a landlord may file an action to evict a tenant for a breach of the lease that involves certain dangerous behavior, and reduces from 10 days to 4 days the window in which the evicted individual can appeal.  It passed the House 126-12 and is in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

HB 807, Transportation – Highway User Revenues – Distribution, it increases the amount of highway user funds that are required to be distributed to Baltimore City, the counties, and municipalities in certain fiscal years.  It passed the House 137 - 0, and is currently assigned to the Budget and Taxation Committee in the Senate.

HB 1076, Maryland Transit Administration - Station Safety Pilot Program, is a direct response to safety issues near MTA stations in Delegate Beidle’s district, and would place law enforcement officers at the station who could generally help maintain a safe and friendly environment at and around the station.  It would operate as a pilot program in two of the most at need stations.  It passed the House 137 - 0.

HB 1329, Landlord and Tenant - Action for Repossession of Nonresidential Property - Service of Process, alters certain requirements for service of process by a landlord of nonresidential property in an action for repossession for nonpayment of rent by requiring service to be directed to the sheriff for the appropriate county or municipality and authorizing service, on plaintiff's request.  It passed the House 136-0, and is assigned to Judicial Proceedings in the Senate.

HB 1468, Transit – Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program, develops a State Grant program similar to a Federal program that is no longer funded.  The bill creates the guidelines for non-profits of employers on how to apply for the grants.  I have met with employers in Baltimore County, Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County.  Depending on public transportation is challenging for employees and employers, especially in areas that are not close to bus stops, metro or light rail stops.  Grant programs like this can help employees get to public transportation, or get from a stop to a job.  We refer to this as “first mile” and “last mile.”  The program could also create transportation from employee’s homes to work.  It passed 136 – 0.


Sexual Harassment/Domestic Violence

HB 301, Courts - Evidence of Sexually Assaultive Behavior - Admissibility (Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act of 2018), authorizes a court, in a prosecution for specified sexual offenses, to admit evidence of “sexually assaultive behavior” by the defendant that occurred before or after the offense for which the defendant is on trial.  The bill establishes procedural requirements for the introduction of such evidence by a State’s Attorney and hearings by a court on the admissibility of the evidence.  The bill also establishes provisions governing the admission of such evidence by a court.  It passed 137 – 0.

HB 633, Secretary of State – Address Confidentiality Programs – Shielding of Real Property Records, enables private entities to accept the use of a certain substitute address by a victim of domestic abuse who is a participant in an address confidentiality program, requires any person to accept a certain address of a participant in an address confidentiality program as the address of the participant, and prohibits a person from knowingly and intentionally seeking and obtaining the actual address or telephone number of a participant in an address confidentiality program.  It  passed the House 136-0.

HB 1125, Evidence - Chain of Custody - DNA Profile, specifies requirements under which a report signed by a specified chemist or analyst is prima facie evidence that the substance was properly tested and was of the nature described in the report for the purpose of establishing a DNA profile in a criminal or civil proceeding. If the requirements are met, a DNA profile may be established without the necessity for the chemist or analyst to personally appear in court. It passed the House 137 – 0.

HB 1303, Family Law - Domestic Violence - Permanent Protective Orders, expands the circumstances in which a court is required to issue a permanent protective order, specifically relating to issues of abuse and domestic violence.  It passed 138 – 0.

HB 1342, Legislative Branch of State Government - Sexual Harassment,  this bill establishes several requirements and procedures relating to sexual harassment in the Legislative Branch.  It passed 138 – 0.


Firearm Safety Related Bills:

HB 888, Criminal Law – Firearm Crimes – Rapid Fire Trigger Activator, specifically targets modifications such as bump stocks and trigger cranks which function to accelerate the rate of fire of a firearm beyond its standard rate of fire. It bans the sale, manufacture, or possession of such activators within the State of Maryland.  This bill passed the House 128-7 and has been assigned to Judicial Proceedings in the Senate.

HB 1302, Public Safety - Extreme Risk Prevention Orders, also known as the “red flag law,” allows a judge to issue a temporary order against an individual determined to be dangerous, which would prohibit them from buying or possessing firearms.  It passed the House 116-17.

HB1646, Criminal Procedure - Firearms – Transfer, requires that convicted offenders provide proof to the court that they have forfeited all of their firearms.  HB 1646 passed the House 129-5.


Miscellaneous Bills:

HB 1456, Offshore Drilling Liability Act, holds energy companies strictly liable for anything that goes wrong when drilling on Maryland shores, this includes damages for any injury, death, or loss to person or property that is caused by any spill.  HB 1456 all but guarantees there won’t be drilling.  “Offshore drilling activity” means exploration or drilling for oil or gas in, on, or under the federal outer continental shelf (OCS) waters.  HB 1456 passed the House 115-22.


HB 1695, Crimes – Hate Crimes – Defacement, prohibits a person from affixing, erecting, or placing a noose or swastika on the property of another without authorization, with the intent to threaten or intimidate any person or group of persons. Violators are guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for up to three years and/or a $5,000 maximum fine.  HB 1695 passed the House 133-2.


Office Information

The 2018 Scholarship deadline is March 31, 2018.  The application is on-line at

My office is staffed by Nancy Lipin Crawford, my Chief of Staff, and Stefan Specian, my Legislative Assistant.

My office is open full time during the Session.  Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and concerns.  My contact information remains: or 410.841.3370.  You can also find updates at my website and on Facebook at Delegate Pam Beidle.

It is truly an honor to serve you in the Maryland House of Delegates.


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Authority: Friends of Pam Beidle, Leonard W. Beidle, Treasurer